The person responsible for making sure all information is accurate is not the editor. Authors are historically responsible for making sure their work is fact-checked. Fact-checking is a service that can be provided alone, or in conjunction with copyediting. (The proofreading stage is too late for fact-checking).

Fact-checking can include the following:

  • Double checking the distances between two points in a story.

  • Checking that specialized names, titles, and locations are accurate. 

  • Verifying dates and statistics. 

Sensitivity Reading

Unlike other services offered, sensitivity reading includes a more personal discussion relating to content. Biases can show up in even the most beautiful writing, and can go unseen by the best editors; sensitivity reading requires specialization to catch issues that others may miss. 

I can provide sensitivity reading for the following topics:

  • Queer experiences/language.

  • Feminism and women's experiences.

  • Mixed race experiences.


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